Being a leader in the management and creation of new business lines of high standards, control systems, services and also meet the needs of members of the society in this age of information, which are related to the use of the latest technology. Monsenia GT aims to make available to the public sophisticated tools to make transactions of daily life, whether in your home or office computer or your business something faster and reliable.

Our Address:
3 Tygart Ct
Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA 20879
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday. 9am to 5pm

About Us

Monsenia Global Technologies is born as a solution to meet the diverse needs of today's society. Is a multinational business incubator for brands such as AC Dynsol, AutoCanjes, ACDynsol Media, and other lines of business, which together make up the entire family of Monsenia Global Technologies.

The current world we live in, called by some as the "information society" has filled our lives with many conveniences which are found in a global network known as the Internet. The internet during the course of the last ten years has made significant steps towards developing and implementing information systems, services and products that can be seen, hired or purchased through the internet.